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Preseason Progress


This past week our driller, Curt King, arrived on La Gonave with one of our Haitian employees to perform maintenance on the drilling rig.  The Big Red Truck fired up and after two days of tinkering and repairs.  State side we received a long list of items for purchase and replacement.

Over the next two weeks Guts Church interns are working to source materials and supplies from around the country to update the 30 year old drilling rig, and push it through the June drilling season.  These parts will be hand carried to La Gonave by members of the drilling teams to ensure their on time arrival.

Details are checked and then double checked.  On La Gonave there are no auto parts stores to pick up a replacements.  So we must plan for what we need and hope the “bailing wire and duct tape” holds out as we push our equipment and drilling teams far into the mountings in search of water on the island of La Gonave.