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Gearing Up

Screen Shot 2013-05-15 at 11.24.32 AMThis time of year is all logistics.  There is much more that goes into drilling wells then just driving the rig to a site and putting the bit in the ground.  Drilling sites, and road maps must be created, supplies and materials are procured in the USA, and Port Au Prince and shipped to La Gonave.  Endless lists of supplies.  Team trips are formed, meetings held and tickets booked.  Pumps and PVC are inventoried and drilling bits inspected.


I am thankful for the team at Guts Church who work hard to help make preparations for the trips, as well as the men who volunteer their time and money to travel to La Gonave and help our people on the ground drill wells.  We are always looking for candidates who may be qualified and have interest in joining a drilling trip so email the info link and we will respond.  Although teams are booked for this year, we keep a waiting list of candidates for the next drilling season.

Screen Shot 2013-05-15 at 11.24.43 AM

The drilling season employs several Haitian men who make their annual wages in June to support their families.  They find odd jobs and scrape by until the next time we see them.  These men are talented and hard working, certainly resourceful.  But they live in an economy with 75% unemployment and no government subsidies.  I am Looking forward to seeing Snaider, Airiant and the crew as they pour concrete pads and install new pumps this June.  I hope the water flows and they have more work installing pumps than they can handle.
We will keep our eyes on the prize.  It’s easy to do that scrolling through photos and seeing faces of those we visited some months ago, who wait for us day by day, waiting for the big red truck to bring fresh water.