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Bringing Change…

by Pastor Bill Scheer

_DSC2953For many years millions of dollars have been poured into Haiti, for social justice and ministry. There has been small pockets of change through this culture, but so much seems to have been unaffected.

We aim to do what we can to bring the needed change these people are literally dying to see. LaGonave is a small island off the coast of main Haiti, with over 100,000 people, mostly children living in unimaginable poverty. But, this is changing.

Through the efforts of some amazing people, God is turning this around. Drinking water is being drilled, children are being fed and educated, medical attention is being given, and lives are being enriched all over this 9 x 21 mile island.

A great thing about this, all money given to this effort goes directly to feeding children, drilling water wells, running a medical clinic, and operating a school with hundreds of children grades K – 10.
The budget of this tremendous endeavor is about $250,000. That’s just 2500 people giving $100 (or five giving $50,000).

If you are able, please give something.
Thanks for reading this,

Bill Scheer
Pastor, Guts Church