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A Little Slice of “Go Ye”

Trip to Haiti to secure the Rig, Trip to Haiti to secure the water drilling rig

I’ve been to Haiti several times documenting life there and the hardships they live in every single day. I remember the very first time I went to La Gonave, the first thing I saw upon landing were scores of little kids running up to us, following us everywhere we went. The unique detail though was that they all had orange coloring in there hair, what I later realized was that is the evidence if severe malnutrition and starvation. Later I saw children eating dirt just to get something in their belly. Heart breaking. I would see children with small cuts turn into massive and life threatening infections due to lack of clean water and hospital care. No food, no water, no hope.

By my fourth trip there, we had drilled several water wells and had begun building a place for the locals to grow crops. We had built a hospital, added to our feeding stations and poured in tons of love and support. What I noticed now were children with solid colored hair. I wasn’t seeing the massive infections from small cuts anymore.
Proof that we had made a very tangible and lasting impact on this once hopeless island. We had taken a little slice of “Go YE into all the world” and have made real change here.

What I take from my time in Haiti is that we can’t just sit by when we have the ability to help. This is a very real example of the Good Samaritans story in our own lifetime. So many people saw this island as impossible to reach, or maybe it was just a little too much effort. Yet the man on the horse, saw a person broken, he got down and he cleaned him up. He carried the him to shelter and paid for care. That is exactly what we have done in Haiti. We saw a hurting people, we went to them with love, hope and help. We are drilling wells, building hospitals and schools, creating a new life filled with the Promises of God. All it takes are just a few to helping out a little to see massive change.

The first water drilling trip to Haiti 507